PAINTINGS on found objects

since the london lockdown in spring 2020 i have been searching for alternative materials to paint on

these range from interesting finds on ebay and antique markets to discarded building materials and driftwood

The Tree of Life.jpg
The Tree of Life (detail).jpg
The Tree of Life (side).jpg

The tree of life

oil on draftsman board


this was painted on a 100 year old draughtsmans board acquired from a business that has had to close.

i love the little clues to it's previous life, including the pin marks in the corner and the small dents and scratches that give this piece a unique story

Plank of Life.jpg
plank of life - detail.jpg
plank of life side.jpg

the plank of life
oil and acrylic on plywood


150 x 11.5 x 2.5cm

These are painted on thick plywood planks, they started off as packaging for valuable artworks. I see these wall hanging pieces as a life story from birth to death with quirky imagery in between.

spear 3.jpg
spear 2.jpg
spear of destiny.jpg

spear of destiny

oil and acrylic on driftwood

90 x 10cm


this driftwood was found on ernies beach on the southbank. It is one of my favorite finds, originally a piece of architrave that has been bobbling around the thames for a very long time.  this has now become a distinctive wall hanging

dolly front.jpg
dolly detail.jpg
dolly side.jpg

dolly (in facemask)
oil on chipboard

60 x 30cm


this has been painted on a piece of chipboard found in a skip. when i saw it i knew it would be the ideal size for a small covid inspired painting. i love the way you can see the chipboard texture in the painting

plank 2.jpg
plank 3.jpg


oil and acrylic on wooden joist

90 x 5 x 120cm


another skip find, this piece already had the holes and screws in the wood which appealed to me