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About Wilf Frost and his art

Born in 1971 in South East London, Wilf started painting at the age of 13, adorning his bedroom walls with huge murals. He was further motivated by a chance meeting with Andy Warhol in Paris which led to a photo in the book “Warhol” by Christopher Makos.

Throughout the late eighties and nineties Wilf fully embraced the pre-millennium urban nightlife scene. He took his art into the street, preferring to paint on advertising hoardings and found objects than board and canvas. His distinctive style was featured on many club flyers, record sleeves, music videos and club décor. He also worked in nightclubs on huge ultra violet paintings, revelling in the vacillation of the pounding music and the interaction between the lights and the art. He completed a B.A. at UEL in 1995 and then studied for his masters at the Royal College of Art where he graduated in 2001

His painting and Sculpture has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally across many decades. Despite this, he has historically shunned conventional exhibition spaces preferring instead to show in shop windows, railway arches, derelict properties and museums. He now sells through Skylark Gallery on Londons South Bank and their website.


Wilf has recently gone back to his routes and started painting on found objects as well as canvas. These range from antique pieces of wood, skip finds and driftwood found on the Thames foreshore. His rhythmic and funky compositions are a riot of colour inspired by graffiti, urban art, social media, current affairs and bizarre dreams and thoughtfully reflected upon each piece he creates.

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